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Box86 Media is a video production company that specializes in creative and professional quality storytelling for large and small businesses, universities, government entities and more throughout the western United States.  The Box86 team is comprised of an eclectic group of professionals who bring a variety of skills and experience to the  project - ensuring that we can handle just about anything.


Holder of the Creative Mojo

Fortunately for all of us, Darrin missed his calling as an interpretive dancer, and instead chose to devote the last twenty nine years in the media arts industry as an accomplished graphic designer, videographer, and photographer.  He received a Bachelor of Science (which I guess makes him a scientist) in Media Arts, with an emphasis in multimedia, film, video and animation.  Over the past twenty years, Darrin has focused on video production for companies in the areas of television, Youtube, Instagram and, other media outlets.  When he's not creating high-quality, professional video projects and capturing stunning footage, Darrin enjoys spending time with his family, telling dad jokes, and talking to himself in funny voices.



Outdoor Adventurer

Brandon, a Southern Utah University marketing graduate, seamlessly blends his roles as a versatile photographer, videographer, and marketing consultant. With a strategic mindset and meticulous attention to detail, Brandon weaves captivating visual stories that go beyond conventional limits.

Beyond the pixels, Brandon's adventurous spirit mirrors his approach to creativity. When not immersed in marketing strategies or capturing captivating visuals, he embraces the outdoors as an avid rock climber, mountaineer, and backpacker. His love for exploration extends beyond his professional pursuits, defining him as an individual who thrives on challenges both in and out of the office.



Eternal furnace of benevolent creation

Mak is a 3D and digital artist, with years of experience working in partnership with media production companies, artists, music labels, tech start-ups, architectural development projects, and more, to design and develop visual and technical assets for some of their most ambitious projects to date. To create something that was not only effective, or relevant, but innovative and inspiring.

Mak’s creative inclination is also bolstered by his experience gain during his time as an engineering student. Outside of his work, his passion for art and design continues throu
gh his ventures into 3D printing, drawing, painting, wood work, music, and more. Mak is deeply passionate about design, innovation, imagination, and the importance of form in coherence with function, and believes that art and design do not exist separate from life, but to serve it. All of this, in an effort to bring an idea or project closer to its fullest potential: a potential that lies beyond the status quo.



The Resident Alien

With over a decade of experience in the corporate video world, Dom has worn several hats. From directing, to writing, acting, producing, editing, and filming; he's results driven.

Both an ideas-guy and a get-it-done guy, never afraid to get your attention (a middle child, can't help it) and reaction. 

With a passion for storytelling, creating art, and fostering relationships, he's excited to collaborate together on your next project! 

"Pain is temporary, film is forever. I am careful not to confuse excellence with perfection. 
Excellence I can reach for; perfection is God's business."
-Michael J Fox

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