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Box86 Media is a video production company that specializes in creative and professional quality storytelling for large and small businesses, universities, government entities and more throughout the western United States.  The Box86 team is comprised of an eclectic group of professionals who bring a variety of skills and experience to the  project - ensuring that we can handle just about anything.

DARRIN fraser

Holder of the Creative Mojo

Fortunately for all of us, Darrin missed his calling as an interpretive dancer, and instead chose to devote the last twenty five years in the media arts industry as an accomplished graphic designer, videographer, and photographer.  He received a Bachelor of Science (which I guess makes him a scientist) in Media Arts, with an emphasis in multimedia, film, video and animation.  Over the past fifteen years, Darrin has focused on video production for companies in the areas of television, Youtube, Instagram and, other media outlets.  When he's not creating high-quality, professional video projects and capturing stunning footage, Darrin enjoys spending time with his family, telling dad jokes, and talking to himself in funny voices.

SHANE egan

Chaser of the Light

Shane doesn't like being in the spotlight, because he's too busy shining it on you.  A jack of all trades, Shane has nearly a decade's experience as a photographer and cinematographer, and a lifetime as a killer songwriter. He attended film school at Dixie State University where he specialized in both Motion Picture Film Production and making excuses for missing class.  Shane has produced long and short form documentaries, narrative films, and commercial productions; his photography career has included product, professional portrait, landscape and fine art; and his musical career has included writing... basically whatever he wants.  When he's not catching the perfect shot or recording custom music for your video, Shane enjoys spending time with his kids, and sleeping in. 



Señor Producer

Despite his boyish charm, Brandon has over a quarter of a century's experience in the entertainment industry.  From creative storytelling as an Actor, Director, & Playwright, to organization and programming as an Artistic Director, to shaking hands and kissing babies as a Fundraising Professional, he has developed a balanced assortment of both professional and creative skills.  When he's not busy keeping clients happy and projects moving efficiently, he enjoys hiking, camping, and long-distance racing.  Oh, and it's pronounced...  Señor.

DALLAS smith

The Adventurer

When not previously occupied sitting on the beach or drinking chocolate milk, Dallas can be found with a camera in hand documenting some kind of wild adventure. A bit of a fanatic for travel and exploration, he is the last person to say no to a good time. Having worked with digital media for nearly his whole life, Dallas has explored everything from 3D animation to capturing weddings. In awe with the creative process and the act of turning a mental picture into something that can prompt emotion in viewers, the art of creation is Dallas’ top hobby.

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