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Capturing Audiences with Quality Videos through Commercial Video Production Services 

Businesses and individuals have resorted to creating videos either by themselves or by seeking professional help.  At the Box86 Media video agency, we produce quality videos with the help of our creative and talented team. The presence of a full production team, consisting of an experienced cinematographer, photographer, and visual artist, has contributed to the creation of many documentaries and short films with a huge viewership. 
  • Commercial/Marketing
  • YouTube Content Creation
  • Product Demos and Highlights
  • Educational Videos
  • Corporate Training
  • Social Media Content
  • High End Residential & Commercial Real Estate
  • Documentaries/Biographies
  • Short Films
Promote Yourself and/or Your Products through
YouTube Videos 
YouTube video production services are in great demand now. The best possible quality video can be produced only if you have access to a great team with excellent editing services. Getting in touch with a YouTube video production company that creates impressive content is the need of the century, as YouTube is a highly popular video site with more than two billion monthly users. 
To capitalize on the opportunities presented by social media and YouTube, get in touch with us at Box86 Media. We can help promote your products and services and put you ahead of your competition. 
  • Concept Creation

  • Logistics

  • Scheduling

  • Script Writing

  • Storyboarding

  • Shot List Development

  • Locations Selection

  • Talent & Model Hiring

  • HD, 2K, UHD 4K & 6K

  • Aerial Cinematography

  • High Frame Rate - Slow Motion

  • Lighting

  • Timelapse

  • Studio & Green Screen

  • Director, DP

  • Glide Cam, Dolly/Slider, & Boom Operation

  • Sound Mixing & Recording

Post Production.jpg
  • Final Cut Pro & Premiere Pro Editing

  • Motion Graphics & Animation

  • Custom Music Composition & Selection

  • Voice Over

  • Color Grading/Correcting

  • Online uploading & Distribution

  • Archiving For Future Use

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